Blattner Technologies Acquires OtherLeft to Bring New Visions to the ML Industry

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Blattner Technologies Acquires OtherLeft to Bring New Visions to the ML Industry

Blattner Technologies, a leading provider of Predictive Transformation services and tools in the Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning industry, has announced the acquisition of OtherLeft.

OtherLeft is a strategic design and innovation consultancy that leverages human-centered design to create digital products that deliver sustainable, profitable growth for business. Russell Blattner, CEO of Blattner Technologies, said “This collaboration brings new visions to the ML industry and helps businesses realize the innovative potential of AI/ML technologies.”

With this acquisition, Blattner Technologies continues its commitment to providing innovative products and enhancing client visibility by expanding its technical possibilities and business viability. “In order to stay ahead, we must continually reinvent ourselves,” added Blaine Anderson, “Blattner Technologies brings unique capabilities which will allow us to not only expand our product offerings, but also strengthen our position as thought leaders within the human-centered design space.”

This partnership comes at a time when Machine Learning is experiencing explosive growth due to the increasing demand for Artificial Intelligence solutions. As businesses strive to keep up with this rapid change, they are turning towards companies like Blattner Technologies that have both the experience and expertise necessary to help them succeed.

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