Kernel Bio


As Nashville grows and evolves, so does DevDigital/Kernel Equity. Kernel (launched in early 2017) celebrates the key role technology plays in innovation. We try to embody the overlap where technology and innovation create, develop and deliver ‘what’s next.’ 

Whether you are a small company trying to break through the clutter, an investor looking for the next great idea, or an advisor helping companies reach their potential, think of Kernel.

We are known for fast, high-quality, low-cost technology development. We also bring strategy insights, street smarts and sales help as appropriate. Our leaders have been around the block. We eagerly team with founders, VCs and Private Equity, academia, innovation centers, design thinkers, makers, agile and lean facilitators, branding gurus, etc. 

If you want to work hard, you know what you are great at (and not), and you are fun to be around, we want to meet you. Let’s find a way to work together on a newsworthy cause. Maybe, instead of watching Nashville’s growth, we can be a catalyst for it. 


Kernel – an equity firm, not just a fund


These are the stars of Kernel Equity.

We work beside the leaders of each company to help them realize their dreams. In some cases, we are majority owners of the company. In some cases, we are minority owners. In all cases, we are ‘all in’ to support their growth and success.

Kernel – an equity firm, not just a fund