Dr. Turner Nashe

Dr. Turner Nashe


Dr. Turner Nashe, President of IDS - is an entrepreneur, inventor, innovator and recognized leader in building technology that facilitates delivery of educational and entertainment content to security sensitive industries. Dr. Nashe is based in Nashville, TN where he received his doctorate in Educational Administration and Supervision from Tennessee State University. Dr. Nashe also received a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from John Carroll University.

Dr. Nashe has built several businesses around proprietary digital delivery systems. These systems provide relevant content to schools, correctional facilities and health care providers. He has worked with firms in the private and public sector as well as governmental entities. His work has attracted firms from start up technology firms to the Fortune 500. His inventions have created innovative solutions for emerging eco-systems that are revolutionizing traditional approaches to delivery of educational content and performance verification within secure facilities.

His thought leadership has helped organizations transition from the mental models of an ego-system to the 21st century eco-system. His inventions represent innovative approaches to the use of digital technology as the means to accelerate human development and social performance. While technology is rapidly advancing, Dr. Nashe wants to ensure that it enables and optimizes human development to its fullest potential.